Liquid Crystal
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Today's sophisticated electronic displays are driving a huge demand for high-quality liquid crystals.

A liquid crystal is a highly structured liquid, with orientational and positional order of constituent molecules (see figure). This provides a special physical characteristic between the crystalline and liquid phase. The type of molecular order is controlled by shape and spatial distribution of molecules, with numerous known liquid crystal phases.

External perturbation can cause significant changes in the physical properties of the liquid crystal system: temperature or electric and magnetic fields can be used to induce interesting changes in their electrical and optical characteristics. This reaction to external perturbations drives most of LC applications to switchable displays and optoelectronic devices.

Intercomet's proprietary liquid crystal was developed for our own PDLC film, and we believe it is among the highest-quality crystals in the market.

We are so confident in its quality, in fact, that we provide a sample of the crystal free of charge to any university whose students are investigating the PDLC field.

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