Stainless Steel Products
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For more than 30 years, Intercomet has been active in global trading, commercialization and distribution of stainless steel flat, long and other metal products. We are an established and reliable partner for manufacturers and final clients worldwide, and our experience, strong business values and dedication to service has made us a trusted supplier of stainless steel products to clients wherever they may be.

We work hand in hand with our worldwide network of associates to supply high-quality stainless steel products (Austenitics, Duplex, Ferritics and Martensitics) to meet our client's needs:

Range of products:

    - Flat products
        • Coils / Sheets
        • Plates
        • Decorative Sheets
    - Long products
        • Angles & Bars
        • Seamless Pipes
        • Welded Pipes
        • Sanitary Tubes
        • Polished Wzelded Tubes:
            * Squared and rectangular
            * Round
    - Fittings & Valves
        • Sanitary
        • Decorative

Please contact us for more detailed information. Our dedicated sales team looks forward to assisting you.