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In addition to its trading activity in the Pistachio Sector, Intercomet is also a renowned company for its Saffron. Intercomet cooperates actively with subsidiaries and their collaborators in order to be part of all saffron stages: cultivation, processing, quality control, packaging and distribution.

Intercomet grants:

• Maximum freshness (no-additives).
• Proper planting, natural cultivation and hand-picked selection of saffron.
• A microbiological, quality and purity analysis carried out in laboratories which comply with European Regulations.
• Standardized packaging in order to preserve all saffron properties.
• Immediate, direct and safe air delivery with all corresponding certificates.

Address: C/ Cañada, 15. 28860
Paracuellos de Jarama Madrid - Spain
Telephone: +34 91 658 26 00
FAX: +34 91 658 14 51