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Throughout Intercomet's trading history (over 30 years), a significant amount of resources have been applied in the Pistachio Industry. Intercomet counts with numerous collaborations with Pistachio manufacturers in order to assure top quality pistachios and offer prompt services on a worldwide scale. Nowadays Intercomet has positioned itself at the forefront of the international markets as a European well-known nut wholesaler.

Intercomet grants:

• Finest quality sourcing.
• Fast, safe and direct delivery.
• Specific European delivery and quality standards accreditations.

For any inquiry or further information please contact our sales team.

Address: C/ Cañada, 15. 28860
Paracuellos de Jarama Madrid - Spain
Telephone: +34 91 658 26 00
FAX: +34 91 658 14 51