Glass laminating ovens

INTERCOMET GROUP manufactures and provides laminating convection ovens that have been designed to meet the end user's production needs. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products.


Our ovens are equipped with three high-volume recirculation fans that ensure the uniform flow of hot air by an alternating airflow system through a duct, guaranteeing a high quality lamination.

The panels are placed over specially designed trays that allow the air flow. Each tray has an integrated silicon surface that replaces the use of traditional vacuum bags, therefore avoiding all the problems that arise from them. The trays are stiff in order to avoid deformation of the panels and are all located in a carriage which is automatically loaded into the oven.

For a continuous working cycle, a second door is implemented. A second carriage with a new set of trays can be automatically inserted while the carriage with the already laminated glass panel is withdrawn from the other door.


Each oven is insulated with high density Rockwool panels of 80 mm thickness. The ducts are equipped with three-phase electrical heaters, easily accessible for maintenance. SCR power controllers regulate the heaters, stabilizing the temperature of the element and extending the heater's life. Heaters with SCR power controllers last 20 times longer that those with EMC controllers.

Three SCR power controllers (PID control) provide three temperature-controlled areas ensuring precise temperature control with a tolerance of +/-1.5 °C. The temperature is measured with 6 Pt100 probes distributed inside the oven and displayed on the control panel. Vacuum level is displayed and controlled. In the event of a leakage, an alarm will go off.


When the lamination process is completed, the oven automatically evacuates the hot air and blows cold air using our unique system to decrease the temperature uniformly across all glass panels. This controlled cooling process is critical for high-quality lamination. If the glass is cooled unevenly or removed from the oven at a temperature above the melting point of the Thermoplastic EVA, it will eventually delaminate and in case of Thermoset EVA it may create some bubbles.


The ovens are equipped with a touch panel of 10.4" to enter and store different parameters depending on the characteristics of the material to be laminated. The touch panel allows the user to configure several programs to control temperature, lamination time, and vacuum application in different sequential steps. Touch panel control offers a high level of flexibility and versatility in the configuration of the working cycle.

Technical characteristics

Security & Regulations

Two safety sensors are installed in the doors to eliminate trapping risks during door closing.

92/31/CEE - 89/336/CEE - 93/68/CEE          Electromagnetic compatibility
2006/42/CE                                                    Directive on machinery
2006/95/CE - 93/68/CEE                               Directive relating to electrical equipment
                                                                       designed for use within certain voltage limits