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Glass Laminating Oven
Mirror Finish line for stainless steel sheets and coil
Sheet Feeder for automatic line
Cubic Autoclave for laminating glass
Roasting line for edible nuts (in development)

Glass Laminating Oven: Our high-yield convection laminating ovens are safe, fast, and energy efficient. The temperature is precisely controlled in all parts of the oven, guaranteeing high-quality lamination, and their compact size belies their advanced production capacity.

The Comet 1530 & Comet 1835 allow for the addition of a second door, increasing the oven's productivity. The second carriage with a new set of trays can be inserted while the carriage with laminated glass panels is withdrawn from the other side.
Technical Characteristics
The unique airflow systems of the Comet 1530 & Comet 1835 ensure temperature uniformity. The glass panels sit over specially designed trays that act as vacuum bags, reducing the time and trouble associated with the traditional bags. A carriage automatically loads the trays into the oven.

• The two doors and two carriages allow for continuous working cycles: When one carriage is inside the oven, the user can prepare the other carriage and load it immediately after removing the first one. Boththedoors and thecarriages are fullyautomatic.
• Three high-volume fans circulate air through the oven. The ducts are designed to guarantee the uniform flow of hot air through the oven for perfect lamination.
• When the lamination is completed, Intercomet's unique technology allows the oven to automatically evacuate the hot air, ensuring that the temperature decreases uniformly across all the glass panels. This process helps prevent tensions and deformations in the laminated glass.

Mirror Finish line: This compact and unique mirror finish line – one of two systems of roll-and-buffer polishing, which provide fast and high-mirror-finish quality – is the first and incomparable line that works on a continuous or sheet–to-sheet basis. The continuous feed is done by an un-coiler and re-coiler system, while a special feeder performs sheet-to-sheet feeding whenever necessary. (This line may be adapted to providing only sheet-to-sheet feeding per the client's requirements.)

Another exclusive characteristic of our polishing machine: all its parts, including the hydraulic and cooling systems, are incorporated in the same body – which makes for a tidy, cleaner process. .

Sheet Feeder: This simple, one-force movement feeder is designed as a space-saver. Though compact in size, it performs like larger feeders, accommodating any type of sheets including metal, glass and wood. You can feed sheets at any size without adjustment.

Cubic Autoclave for Laminating Glass: We are developing this unique machine aims to deliver fast fabrication while reducing energy consumption. The resulting machine will be the first autoclave in the laminating industry to offer such advanced features.

Roasting line edible nuts: We have designed a compact and labor-saving line for roasting pistachios. The complete line occupies about 36m2 and includes storing; cleaning by separating external matters such as metal, stone and fibers; washing; salting, storing before roasting, cooling and filling the bags. This line will save space and may be controlled/supervised by one person only.
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